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Honoring the men and women of the brick industry who have dedicated their lives to the industry they love and serve.

The inductees for the Brickman's Hall of Fame are not only the voices of some of the biggest names in the brick industry, but have shown exemplary qualities above and beyond what is required of them. Our interviews capture a moment in time with these men and women, sharing their stories and experiences.

The Inductees
The Experts


The experts answer tough questions about products and methods.

Offering their key insight and wide range of experience, the experts not only speak about the inductee and their stories, but offer their wide birth of knowledge to you in these exclusive interviews. From the brick making process to other building materials, the experts answer the tough questions.

Image by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral
The History


Celebrating the long and robust history of the brick industry.

There are brick manufacturers in this nation that have been around for over 120 years. With such longevity, there is a lot of history to not only commemorate, but celebrate. Brickman's Hall of Fame celebrates not only the figureheads and greatest minds of the industry, but the history of the companies that have made the industry thrive, whether they're ten years old or one hundred and thirty five.

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A source of knowledge for all on masonry and methods of all kinds.

We aim for the Brickman's Hall of Fame to not only honor those who have made contributions towards the brick industry, we aim to have others learn from their experience so we may grow stronger as an industry.

"The only source of knowledge is experience." -Albert Einstein

The Education
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